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Loving God Loving People -- LIVINGBLESSING


and the door opened !!

Loving God Loving People -- LIVINGBLESSING

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Written by admin Friday, 24 July 2015 05:58

Statistics reveal that few Christians actually share their faith actively. Here’s how you can start the conversation.

Last year Charisma polled readers to discover how active they were in personal evangelism. We learned that even though all participants believe God wants them to tell others about Jesus, more than half said they share their faith only a few times a year.

One question was particularly revealing: if you don’t share your faith regularly,why don’t you?

36%:”I’m scared to.”

14%:”i don’t know how to.”

29%:”I don’t believe I should push my faith on anyone.”

21%:”I believe there are better ways to evangelize.”

We also asked what factor’s might prompt them to be more active in evangelism.

They listed three:

1.If I had a friend encouraging me to do it more often (47%).

2.If I had someone more experienced with me (29%).

3.If I Had taken an evangelism class and felt trained (24%).

Many people who battle timidity say the most difficult challenge in witnessing is starting a conversation about God with a non-Christian. But Wendell Smith, pastor of The City Church in Seattle and author of From Zero to Eternity in 60 Seconds Flat, says he discovered that beginning a spiritual discussion can be fun.

Writes Smith: “The Bible tells us to be prepared to give an answer to those who ask about the hope that is in us (1 Peter 3:15.) We Should be ready to make statement. People around us wear weird clothes, nose rings and tattoos in their attempt to make statement. Why shouldn’t we make our simple statements if faith in turn?

“Other people curse, swear or tell dirty stories in public places.Why shouldn’t we talk about the salvation and blessings we have received from our amazing relationship with the Lord Jesus?”

Smith polled a number of prominent Christian leaders to learn how they begin conversations with unbelievers.Here are some of their “one-liners”:

Bill Bright, the late founder of Campus Crusade for Christ:”Who do you think was the greatest person who ever lived?”

Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty:”Are you ready for heaven?”

Evangelist Luis Palau: “Do you have a relationship with God, or are you still searching?”

Bible teacher Marilyn Hickey:”When I prayed this one prayer it changed my life.”

Author Cindy Jacobs:”I have a philosophy that everyone was born for a reason.Do you know what you were born for? When you are dying,will you know why you lived?”

Do you believe that a few words can lead a person to Christ? It can happen!

The story is told of an unbeliever who wanted to see 18th century evangelist George Whitefield preach but did not want to listen to his message. Deliberately putting fingers in both his ears, he watched the great preachers without listening to a word he said.

But a stubborn fly landed on his nose, and no matter what he did, he culd not shake him off. He unplugged his ears long enough to shoo the fly away, and in those brief seconds,Whitefield proclaimed loudly,”Him who has ears to hear,let him hear!” The amazing timing of it so intrigued the man that he listened to the rest of Whitefield’s sermon and was saved.

A small window of time is given to all of us to touch the lives of even those who we think may not be listening, but who may open their ears long enough for us to penetrate their souls and enlighten their eyes-just for that one brief,shining moment.

Charisma /February 2006